Joe Turgeon

Joe Turgeon


Hi, I'm Joe, a technical architect, software engineer, and creative problem solver.

With over 15 years of experience, I work with teams to plan and build web applications to solve unique challenges. With experience in engineering and management, I bring a holistic perspective and a broad range of skills to digital projects, and contribute to the entire software development lifecycle, from plan to prototype to production.

I have a life-long passion for using technology to collaborate and create, and I enjoy finding the intersections between technology and my other interests in design, mathematics, music, and philosophy.

Open Source Projects

  • The NFT Reader project demonstrates a technique for reading NFT data, including token ownership and metadata, from your own Ethereum "light" node. 2022now
  • Lambda Stash is a serverless solution for shipping logs from AWS cloud services, like S3 or CloudFront, to data stores, like Elasticsearch. 2016now
  • AWS Lambda SES Email Forwarder is a serverless solution for email forwarding or redirection built with AWS Lambda and Simple Email Service (SES). 2015now